Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Cloud'

Total 51 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Cloud'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aaraiz Rain bearing cloud 11 Boy
Abhra Cloud 3 Boy
Ahim Cloud, Water, Traveller 22 Boy
Ambud Cloud 5 Boy
Baadal Cloud 3 Boy
Badal Cloud 11 Boy
Bareed Messenger, Partner, Cloud 8 Boy
Barid Messenger, Partner, Cloud 7 Boy
Ghananand Happy like cloud 1 Boy
Ghanshyam Lord Krishna or black cloud 6 Boy
Ghansyam Lord Krishna or black cloud 7 Boy
Hemamdar Golden creeper 9 Boy
Jalad Cloud, Ocean 1 Boy
Jeemooth Cloud 1 Boy
Jessie Jasmine, God is merciful and gracious 22 Boy
Juhit Brightness, Jasmine flower 5 Boy
Juhith Brightness, Jasmine flower 4 Boy
Kach One who is empty, Hollow, Vain, Hair, Splendour, Attractiveness, Cloud 5 Boy
Kachap Cloud drinker, Leaf 22 Boy
Kandan Cloud, God 9 Boy
Kandhan Cloud, God 8 Boy
Ketubh Cloud 22 Boy
Maazin Proper name, Cloud that carries rain 1 Boy
Megh Cloud 6 Boy
Meghadri Hill of cloud 11 Boy
Meghanad Son of raavan). Megh means cloud n naad means sound. he was named so because a terrific thunder occurred when he took birth (Ravana's son, who made Laxman unconscious in the battlefield with his arrow) 8 Boy
Mukil Cloud 3 Boy
Mukilan Cloud we can Say it as a group of clouds before rain 9 Boy
Neelabh Object in the Sky cloud, Moon 11 Boy
Neerad Cloud, Given by water 11 Boy
Nil Champion, Cloud, Passionate, Crow, Talktive person, Blue, Indigo, Sapphire, Treasure, A mountain 8 Boy
Nilabh Object in the Sky cloud, Moon 1 Boy
Nirad Cloud, Given by water 1 Boy
Nirdhar One who holds water cloud 9 Boy
Payod Cloud 7 Boy
Payoda Cloud 8 Boy
Payodhar Cloud 7 Boy
Payodhara Cloud 8 Boy
Ritil Creeper of Love 5 Boy
Sudaaman Cloud 2 Boy
Uttank Cloud, Disciple 6 Boy
Vaaridhar Cloud 1 Boy
Vanad Cloud 6 Boy
Vanshya Cloud 9 Boy
Varid Messenger, Partner, Cloud 9 Boy
Varidhvaran Color of the cloud 1 Boy
Varsh Strengthen, Year, Cloud, Rain, Strengthen 5 Boy
Yas Jasmine 9 Boy
Zaiyaan Bright and graceful, Wild Jasmine, Honey 5 Boy
Zayan Bright and graceful, Wild Jasmine, Honey 22 Boy
Zayyan Bright and graceful, Wild Jasmine, Honey 11 Boy
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