Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Tree'

Total 53 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Tree'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aaus Name of a tree 6 Boy
Absham A tree which has scent 8 Boy
Afnan Branch of a tree in heaven 9 Boy
Anoob Palm tree 2 Boy
Ashwarth Generation, Banyan tree 8 Boy
Ashwath This is the tree where Buddha did meditate and gained lot of knowledge ... so it can also be considered as tree of knowledge, Banyan tree 8 Boy
Aswanth Victorious, Peepal tree, Holy tree, Buddha got wisdom under it 5 Boy
Aswantha Victorious, Peepal tree, Holy tree, Buddha got wisdom under it 6 Boy
Aswath This is the tree where Buddha did meditate and gained lot of knowledge ... so it can also be considered as tree of knowledge, Banyan tree 9 Boy
Bhadrashree Sandalwood tree 8 Boy
Bodish Buddhas tree 3 Boy
Chinar Name of a beautiful tree 8 Boy
Daruk Charioteer of Lord Krishna, Tree 1 Boy
Daruka Deodar tree 2 Boy
Dawmah Type of palm tree 5 Boy
Dawmat Type of palm tree 8 Boy
Gulmohar Red and yellow flowering tree 5 Boy
Hareendra Lord Shiva, A tree 11 Boy
Harendra Lord Shiva, A tree 6 Boy
Harindra Lord Shiva, A tree 1 Boy
Harwinder God of heaven 1 Boy
Kaachim Where clouds rest, A sacred tree 1 Boy
Kadamb Name of a tree 5 Boy
Kaitak Comeing from the kerva tree, Tree 8 Boy
Kalpak A heavenly tree, Getting to a benclunark, Ceremony 7 Boy
Kuj A tree, Name of the planet mars, The son of the earth 6 Boy
Lakesh Cinnamon tree 2 Boy
Malayaj Sandal tree 9 Boy
Neesh By the ash tree, An adventurer 6 Boy
Nish By the ash tree, An adventurer 5 Boy
Nishat A tree, Sincere 8 Boy
Nishath A tree, Sincere 7 Boy
Palash A flowery tree, Greenery, Horse 3 Boy
Parijaat Divine tree, A celestial flower 4 Boy
Parijat Divine tree, A celestial flower 3 Boy
Parijata Tarumoolastha dweller under the Parijata tree 4 Boy
Pialli A tree 5 Boy
Pival A tree 6 Boy
Qatadah A hardwood tree 7 Boy
Sadvik A tree 3 Boy
Sanawbar Cone bearing tree, Fir 7 Boy
Sanobar Palm tree 7 Boy
Santan King, Whole 6 Boy
Shami Fire, Name of a tree, Work 5 Boy
Shireesh A flower, Rain tree 1 Boy
Shirish A flower, Rain tree 9 Boy
Sinsapa Ashok tree 7 Boy
Soanjan Drumstick tree 2 Boy
Talha Kind of tree 6 Boy
Tamal A tree with very dark bark 11 Boy
Tarfah Kind of tree 9 Boy
Tribhuvan King of the three worlds 7 Boy
Vijul A silk cotton tree 2 Boy
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