Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Victory'

Total 292 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Victory'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aadijay The first victory 6 Boy
Abdul Fattah Slave of the giver of victory 6 Boy
Abhaijeet Victory over fear 7 Boy
Abhijay Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory 11 Boy
Abhijaya Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory 3 Boy
Agamjeet Gods light, Victory of God 8 Boy
Agamjit Gods light, Victory of God 7 Boy
Ajaypal To gain a victory over 3 Boy
Alok Light, Brilliance, Vision 3 Boy
Anantjeet Endless victory 9 Boy
Arinjay Victory over evil 6 Boy
Bahadurjit Victory of the brave 4 Boy
Bahram Victory, Mars 7 Boy
Banjeet Lord of the forest 3 Boy
Bijay Victory 2 Boy
Bijaya Victorious 3 Boy
Birjeet Victory of the brave 6 Boy
Budhjeet Victory for wisdom 3 Boy
Chamanjeet Victory of garden 8 Boy
Chanchaljeet Victory of the lively 9 Boy
Chandanbir Sandal victory 11 Boy
Damanjeet Skirt of the victor, Victory over suppression 1 Boy
Damanjit Skirt of the victor, Victory over suppression 9 Boy
Dayajeet Compassionate victory 8 Boy
Dharamveer One who gets victory on religion 5 Boy
Dharamvir One who gets victory on religion 4 Boy
Diljit Victory of heart 1 Boy
Easharjeet Gods victory 11 Boy
Ekamjeet Victory of one God 7 Boy
Eshwarjeet Gods victory 6 Boy
Faateh Conqueror, Victorious, Triumph 5 Boy
Faoz Success, Victory, Advantage 3 Boy
Fateh Conqueror, Victorious, Triumph 22 Boy
Fatehdeep Lamp of victory 7 Boy
Fatehdharam Righteous victory 4 Boy
Fatehkaram Victory of good deeds 3 Boy
Fatehmeet Friendly victory 11 Boy
Fatehnaam Victory of naam 6 Boy
Fatehpreet Love for victory 5 Boy
Fatehroop Embodiment of victory 5 Boy
Fatehwant Complete victory 8 Boy
Fath Victory 8 Boy
Fathullah Victory granted by Allah 8 Boy
Fattah One who attains victory 2 Boy
Ghamandjeet Victory of pride 7 Boy
Gianjeet Victory of knowledge 8 Boy
Gobinderjeet Victory of the Lord 6 Boy
Gulshanjeet Victory of the rose garden 5 Boy
Gurinderjeet Gurus victory 1 Boy
Gurjit Victory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru 4 Boy
Gyanjeet Victory of knowledge 6 Boy
Hakamjeet Victory of the ruler 11 Boy
Harcharanjit Victory at lords feet 3 Boy
Harinderjeet Lords victory 9 Boy
Harkaranjit Victory on behalf of God 3 Boy
Harkiranjeet Victory of gods light 3 Boy
Harmanjeet Victory of gods heart 5 Boy
Hukumjeet Victory with gods will 6 Boy
Ikjeet Gods victory 6 Boy
Indarjeeet Victory of the Lord 1 Boy
Inderharjeet Victory of the Lord 9 Boy
Indrajeet Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra 5 Boy
Indrajit Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra 4 Boy
Indrajith Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra 3 Boy
Iqbaljeet Glorious victory 9 Boy
Isharjeet Gods victory 5 Boy
Ishtwarjeet Gods victory 3 Boy
Jai Conqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious 11 Boy
Jai Akash Victory 6 Boy
Jai Darsh Victory 7 Boy
Jai Kishan Victory of Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Jai Krishna Victory of Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Jai Prakash Light, A victorious person who gives light to everyone, Ray of victory 4 Boy
Jaichand Victory of the Moon 5 Boy
Jaichandran Jaya- victory chandran- Moon thejus- brightness 11 Boy
Jaidayal Victory of kindness 9 Boy
Jaideep Victory of light 5 Boy
Jaidev God of victory 6 Boy
Jaigopal Victory of Lord Krishna 8 Boy
Jaikaar Glorious victory 6 Boy
Jaikiran Ray of victory 1 Boy
Jaikrish Victory of Lord Krishna 4 Boy
Jaimal Garland of victory, Glory with the union of God 1 Boy
Jaimin Victory or ancient philosopher, One who has control over his heart and mind 11 Boy
Jainarayan Victory 4 Boy
Jaineel Victorious God Swami Narayan, Victory of blue, Victory over gems 11 Boy
Jainil Victorious God Swami Narayan, Victory of blue, Victory over gems 1 Boy
Jaipraj Lord of victory 11 Boy
Jaiprakash Light, A victorious person who gives light to everyone, Ray of victory 4 Boy
Jaipratan Jewel of victory 9 Boy
Jaipreet The victory of Love, Loard of uganda 3 Boy
Jaipreeth The victory of Love, Loard of uganda 11 Boy
Jaira Lord of victory 3 Boy
Jairaj Lord of victory, Brilliant 22 Boy
Jairam Victory of Lord Rama 7 Boy
Jaisangat Victory of the holy person 1 Boy
Jaisankar Victory of Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Jaishankar Victory of Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Jaiteg Victory with sword 7 Boy
Jaithra Lord Vishnu, Leading to victory 4 Boy
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