Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Fire'

Total 58 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Fire'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aagney Karna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire) 8 Boy
Aagneya Karna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire) 9 Boy
Aanal Fire 11 Boy
Abhya Towards the fire 1 Boy
Abhyagni Towards the fire, A son of aitasa 4 Boy
Afraz Quintessence of fire 7 Boy
Aganee Fire 6 Boy
Agni Towards the fire 22 Boy
Agnimitra Friend of fire 11 Boy
Agniprava Bright as the fire 8 Boy
Agnivesh Bright as the fire 4 Boy
Agnivo Flame of the fire 5 Boy
Ark The Sun, Lightening, Fire, Hymn, A sage, Another name for Indra hymn 3 Boy
Basudeb Father of Lord Krishna, God of wealth 9 Boy
Basudev Father of Lord Krishna, God of wealth 2 Boy
Bhaaskar Brilliant, Illuminated, Creater, The Sun, Fire, Gold 7 Boy
Bibhavasu The Sun, Fire 4 Boy
Chitrabhanu Crown flower plant, Fire 6 Boy
Daav Wild fire, Uncontrollable, Another name for abmni 1 Boy
Damurah Sparkle of light, Fire 3 Boy
Dhananjaya Partha, Arjun, Agni God, Fire 7 Boy
Dhanunjaya Partha, Arjun, Agni God, Fire 9 Boy
Havan Offering An oblation with fire, Sacrifice, Another name for agnni, Offering 1 Boy
Jaathavedhas Fire 1 Boy
Jothiraj King of light, Fire 1 Boy
Jwalan Fire 7 Boy
Kapil Name of a sage, The Sun, Fire, Another name of Lord Vishnu, An incarnation of Vishnu 22 Boy
Kenit A handsome Man, Born of fire, A scottish favorite in the late 19th century 5 Boy
Krisanu Flame, Fire 3 Boy
Krishanu Flame, Fire 11 Boy
Kushanu Fire 5 Boy
Lohitashwa One with red horse, Fire 8 Boy
Nachiketa An ancient Rishi, Fire 9 Boy
Orion Son of fire 8 Boy
Paaru The Sun, Fire, Goddess Parvati, Graceful or flow of water 3 Boy
Paavaki One of a kind or rare, Quite new, Exquisite, Unprecedented, Like never before, Unique, Unmatched 7 Boy
Pavak Purifying, Fire, Brilliant, Pure 6 Boy
Ravi Kanth Lord Surya the Sun) or fire or one whose fame is like the Sun 5 Boy
Ravi Kumar Lord Surya the Sun), Fire 6 Boy
Ravikant Lord Surya the Sun) or fire or one whose fame is like the Sun 6 Boy
Ravikanth Lord Surya the Sun) or fire or one whose fame is like the Sun 5 Boy
Saagnik One who wins the fire, Fiery, Passionate, Married 8 Boy
Saavitra Of the Sun, Offering, Fire 1 Boy
Sagnik One who wins the fire, Fiery, Passionate, Married 7 Boy
Sankil Possessed with fire a burning torch, Fiery, Torch 3 Boy
Saptanshu Fire 11 Boy
Shami Fire, Name of a tree, Work 5 Boy
Udhav A sacrificial fire, Friend of Lord Krishna 2 Boy
Ushij Zealous, Born of desire, Energetic, Pleasant, Desirous, Fire, Ghee 22 Boy
Varad God of fire, Ganapati 1 Boy
Varadh God of fire, Ganapati 9 Boy
Vasuman Born of fire 1 Boy
Vilohit Deep red, Another name of Lord Shiva, Another name of Agni fire 5 Boy
Virochan Moon, Fire, Brilliant, Illuminating, Another name for Surya and Vishnu 9 Boy
Yadnya Holy fire 7 Boy
Yagneshwara Fire 5 Boy
Yagyesh Lord of the sacrificial fire 9 Boy
Zamurah Sparkle of light, Fire 7 Boy
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