Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Pious'

Total 35 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Pious'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Adeena Pious, Good luck, Slender 3 Girl
Adina Pious, Good luck, Slender 2 Girl
Azka Pious 3 Girl
Daivi Pious soule 9 Girl
Kardawaiyah A pious woman 3 Girl
Kardawiyah Pious woman 11 Girl
Khashia Pious, Devout 3 Girl
Kuhaylah Name of a pious woman 6 Girl
Mangalya Pious, Pure 11 Girl
Muminah Pious believer 7 Girl
Naba Tune, Famous, Good, Pious 9 Girl
Nameera Delicious water, Pious woman 3 Girl
Naraiman Pious Angel 8 Girl
Quddusiyah Sacred, Pious 3 Girl
Quddusiyyah Sacred, Pious 1 Girl
Saaliha Good, Useful, Pious, Virtuous, Just 6 Girl
Saarya Name of a pious woman 2 Girl
Saliha Good, Useful, Pious, Virtuous, Just 5 Girl
Sarya Name of a pious woman 1 Girl
Suchismita One who has a pure smile 5 Girl
Sukrutha Pious 11 Girl
Taahira Chaste, Pure, Pious, Clean, Holy 4 Girl
Taheera Chaste, Pure, Pious, Clean, Holy 4 Girl
Tahera Chaste, Pure, Pious, Clean, Holy 8 Girl
Tahira Chaste, Pure, Pious, Clean, Holy 3 Girl
Taiba Virtuous, Pious, God-fearing and devoted to God 6 Girl
Takiyah God-fearing, Devout, Pious, Righteous 3 Girl
Taqiya God-fearing, Devout, Pious, Righteous 1 Girl
Taqiyya Pious, God-fearing 8 Girl
Tharya Name of a pious woman 1 Girl
Vedashri Goddess Saraswati or one who knows all Vedas, Pious 5 Girl
Vedha Pious, Writing of the aryans, Devout, Celebrated, Worthy 22 Girl
Vedhashri Goddess Saraswati or one who knows all Vedas, Pious 4 Girl
Yamana Pious 1 Girl
Zahia Pious, Noble, Grand, Great 9 Girl
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