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Ornament, Something beautiful, A hospitable woman Suggest meaning
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Meena (D, CH, Z, TH)
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Similar names for Zena

Name Meaning Numerology
Sahna Form, Figure, Complexion 7
Saina Beautiful, Princess 8
Saini All time gorgeous 7
Sajni Beloved 8
Sana Praise, Prayer, Art 8
Sanaa Praise, Prayer, Art 9
Sanaya Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday, First Ray of the Sun 7
Sanha Skilful, Radiance, Elegance, Conciseness 7
Sania Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday, First Ray of the Sun 8
Saniya Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday, First Ray of the Sun 6
Saniyah A narrator of Hadith 5
Saniyya Radiant, Bright 4
Sanya Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday 6
Saon Bristi, Barsha 4
Sawini Pertaining to the month of Saavan, One who prepares Soma 3
Sayna Beautiful, Princess 6
Sayona Starting letters of 3 big priest of swaminarayan sampradai, Decorated 3
Seena A River 8
Senha 2
Seona God is gracious 9
sini A woman having a white complexion, To shine among all, Sparkle to life 6
Siona Stars 22
Siyana Protection 6
Siyona Graceful 11
Siyoni 1
Sohni Beautiful 11
Sona Gold, Very pretty, Lovely, Sweet, Heat, Fiery 4
Sonaya Charming 3
Soni Preety women, Lovable, With golden beauty, One of complexion of red lotus 3
Sonia Golden, Lovely, wisdom 22
Soniya Golden, Lovely, Wisdom 11
Sony Preety women, Lovable, With golden beauty, One of complexion of red lotus 1
Soujna 8
Sunaya Very just, Well-behaved 9
Suni Believer 9
Suniya Varnam 8
Sunya Sunshine, Brightness 8
Sweena Only mine 22
Sweni River 7
Syana Princess, Wise 6
Zaain Beauty, Friend, Beloved, Beautiful 6
Zahna God is gracious derived from jane 5
Zaina Beauty, Friend, Beloved, Beautiful 6
Zainee 6
Zaniah Beautiful 5
Zayna Beauty, Friend, Beloved, Beautiful 22
Zaynah Beautiful 9
Zeena Ornament, Something beautiful, A hospitable woman 6
Zehna Beautiful 9
Zeina Beauty, Friend, Beloved, Beautiful 1
Zena Ornament, Something beautiful, A hospitable woman 1
Zenia Flower 1
Ziana Bold 6
Zinah Beautiful, Adornment, Ornamentation 11
Zinia Name of a flower 5
Ziyan Elegance 3
Zoona Intelligent 8
Zueinah Lucky Number; Stone; Metal; Color 3
Zyana Beautiful and radiant 22
Zyanna Heart of light 9
Zyanni Bending light 8
Zynah Beautiful, Adornment, Ornamentation 11

Variant names for name Zena

Name Numerology
Zena 1

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