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Top 100 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Total 112 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'K' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Kaira Peaceful, Unique, Lady 22 Girl
Kanan A garden, Forest, The mouth of Brahma 5 Unisex
Keva Fair, Beautiful, Gentle, Lotus 3 Unisex
Kama Desired, Cherished, The golden one or Love, Beauty, Briliance 8 Girl
Keesha Immense Joy, God is gracious 22 Girl
Keya A monsoon flower, Speed 6 Girl
Krusha Delicate 6 Girl
Kiya The cooing of a bird, Melodious, Pure, Happy, Beloved pure 1 Girl
Khushi Happiness, Smile, Delight (Celebrity Name: Sridevi) 4 Girl
Kshema Safety, Security, Welfare, Tranquility, Goddess Durga 3 Girl
Kunj Trees and creppers over grown, Arbour, Living in greenery 11 Girl
Kaavya Poetry in motion, Poem, Laden with sentiment, Worth, Learning, Foresight, With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7 Girl
Keshi A woman with beautiful hair 7 Girl
Khushee Happiness, Smile, Delight 5 Girl
Kripa Mercy, Compassion, Grace, Gentleness (The two children were found and brought to King Shantanu. Kripa was taught Dhanurveda, the martial arts, by his father, and he became one of the Kurus' martial teachers.) 1 Girl
Kritu Grace, Favor 7 Girl
Kani Girl 8 Girl
Kiva Fair, Beautiful, Gentle, Lotus, Shelter 7 Girl
Kshithi Earth, Home, Soil, Races of men 3 Girl
Kunshi Shining 1 Girl
Kshiti Earth, Home, Soil, Races of men 4 Girl
Kusha Talented 6 Girl
Krupa Grace, Favor 22 Girl
Kina Intelligence 8 Girl
Krishi Agriculture, Farming 11 Girl
Kripi Beautiful 9 Girl
Kshipa Night 1 Girl
Khusi Happiness, Smile, Delight 5 Girl
Kshama Forgiveness 8 Girl
Kashvi Shining, Bright, Glowing 7 Girl
Krushi Hard work 5 Girl
Kavin Handsome, Beautiful, Another name for Ganesh 3 Unisex
Kahini Youthful, Spirited, Young 7 Girl
Kira The Sun 3 Girl
Kiran Ray of light, Heat 8 Unisex
Krishna Lord Krishna, Name of the river (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who delivered Bhagavad Gita; cousin of Kunti; Friend and Charioteer of Arjuna) 8 Unisex
Kashish Lord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva, Attraction 3 Unisex
Kamya Beautiful, Lovable, Assiduous, Successful 6 Girl
Kamini Desirable, Beautiful, Affectionate, A beautiful woman 3 Girl
Kalya Praise, Pleasant, Morning, Clever, Auspicious, Healthy 5 Girl
Kinal Extremes in fortune, Health and spirituality 2 Unisex
Kajal Muscara Surma, Eyeliner, Kohl, Decoration for womens eyes 8 Girl
Kavisha Lord of poets, Lord Ganesh, Small poem 8 Unisex
Ketul Name of planet Ketu 6 Unisex
Krisha Divine, Thin 3 Girl
Kanika An atom, Small, Girl 2 Girl
Keshvi Goddess Radha, Long beautiful hair 11 Girl
Kalika Dark, Fog, Flawed gold, Perfumed, Earth, A bud 9 Girl
Kinjal River bank 3 Girl
Krishika Grower, Prosperity 5 Girl
Kanasu Dream 4 Girl
Kriya Performance 1 Girl
Kumud A lotus, Joy of the earth, Water Lily, Another name for Vishnu 7 Girl
Kavni A small poem 3 Girl
Kushala Safe, Happy, Expert 1 Girl
Kshemya Goddess Durga, One who brings peace, Healthy, Wealthy, Auspicious, Another name for Shiva, Goddess of welfare 1 Unisex
Khaivya Poet 5 Girl
Kavini Composes beautiful poems 3 Girl
Kanira Grain 9 Girl
Kanisa Beautiful 1 Girl
Krupali Who always forgives 7 Girl
Karen Abbreviation of katherine, Pure 22 Girl
Kashni Flower, Special girl, Goddess Lakshmi 8 Girl
Kunjal Cuckoo, Nightingale, Living in greenery 6 Girl
Kunisha Cuckoo, Nightingale 11 Girl
Krishti Culture, Mostly referring to the rich Indian culture, Sanstriki 4 Girl
Kunjana Forest girl, Living in greenery 9 Girl
Kareena Pure, Innocent, Female friend, Manner, Mode, Order, Scandinavian, Variant of katherine 1 Girl
Kinari Shore, Musical instrument, Goddess of wealth 8 Girl
Kaushika Silk, Cup 9 Girl
Khusbu Perfume, Fragrance 1 Girl
Kukur Flower 1 Girl
Kimaya Miracle, Divine 6 Girl
Kapila Yellowish brown coloured, Name of the celestial cow, Fragrance, Kapish, Kuhp-ihsh, Lord of the monkeys, Golden incense, Another name for Shiva and the Sun 5 Girl
Kuntal Hair 7 Girl
Krupal Ruler of the world 7 Girl
Kandhal Attractive 6 Girl
Kundini An assemblage of jasmines 1 Girl
Kshirin Flower, Milky 7 Girl
Kaushey Silken 9 Girl
Kreena Beautiful 9 Girl
Kshipra One who is easy to appease, Name of a river in India, Fast, Stream 1 Unisex
Kashin Brilliant, Lord of Kashi varanasi or Lord Shiva 8 Girl
Kashti A canoe 5 Girl
Ksema Safety, Security, Welfare, Tranquility, Goddess Durga 4 Girl
Kshipva Elasticized 5 Girl
Kinaari Shore, Musical instrument, Goddess of wealth 9 Girl
Kushali Clever 9 Girl
Kavina Remover of universal agonies 22 Girl
Kairvi Moonlight 7 Girl
Kashvee Shining, Bright, Glowing 8 Girl
Kamakya Goddess Durga, Granter of wishes 9 Girl
Kavishri Goddess Lakshmi, Poetess 7 Girl
Kalpini Night 9 Girl
Kshiraja Goddess Lakshmi, Born of milk 5 Girl
Kapalini Another name of Goddess Durga 1 Girl
Kirtan Name of Lord Murugan, Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of education, Purifying, Fire 1 Girl
Kirtana Hymn, A song in praise of God 11 Girl
Kinnari Shore, Musical instrument, Goddess of wealth 4 Girl
Kunshita Reference to the immaculate conception 4 Girl
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