Top 100 Karka Rashi Names - Girls

Total 93 Top 100 Karka Rashi Names - Girls
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Haarshini Cheerful, Happy 6 Girl
Haasita Happy or full of laughter, Always smiling, Delightful 5 Girl
Habsana Superb 1 Girl
Haima Goddess Parvati, Snow, Made of gold, Another name for the river Ganges, An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl
Haimi Golden 4 Girl
Haith Who wants good for every one, Lovable 1 Girl
Haiya Heart 8 Girl
Hamsa Swan 6 Girl
Hamsika Goddess Saraswati, The one who has a swan as her vehicle 8 Girl
Haneesha Beautiful night 7 Girl
Hanika Swan 8 Girl
Hanima A wave 1 Girl
Hanisha Beautiful night 6 Girl
Hanishi Swan 5 Girl
Hanita Grace 8 Girl
Hansini Swan 11 Girl
Hardini Near of heart 9 Girl
Harika Is associated to Lord venkateswara, Goddess Parvati 3 Girl
Harini Deer, Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Harinika Goddess of Vasu 8 Girl
Harisha Cultivator, Lioness, Happiness 1 Girl
Harita Green, Gold 3 Girl
Hariti Green, Name of a Goddess 11 Girl
Harleen Absorbed in God 9 Girl
Harmya Palace 3 Girl
Harni Beautiful flower 5 Girl
Harpita Dedicated 1 Girl
Harshali Anand 4 Girl
Harshi Joyous 9 Girl
Harshida Happy 5 Girl
Harshini Cheerful, Happy 5 Girl
Harshitha Happy, Full of Joy, Cheerful 11 Girl
Harshni Joyful 5 Girl
Harswita Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Haruni A deer 8 Girl
Harusha Happy 4 Girl
Hashini Pleasant, Wonderful, Happy or full of laughter, An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl
Hasmita Popularity 8 Girl
Hasri Goddess Lakshmi, Always Happy, Joyful 1 Girl
Hasti Great 3 Girl
Havisa Goddess Lakshmi, Sanctuary, Safe harbor, God Lakshmi 6 Girl
Havya To be invoked 3 Girl
Hayati Vital 1 Girl
Hazel Leader 7 Girl
Heenal Goddess of beauty and wealth 9 Girl
Heenita Grace 8 Girl
Heidi Noble sort 8 Girl
Hejal Fruit 9 Girl
Hela Hope, Moonlight 8 Girl
Hemalata Golden creeper, Golden wine 7 Girl
Hemangi Girl with golden body 3 Girl
Hemangini Girl with golden body 8 Girl
Hemanti Winter, Early winter 7 Girl
Hemanya Golden bodied 4 Girl
Hemisha Happiness; Golden 9 Girl
Hemita Covered with gold 11 Girl
Hena Mehndi, Fragrance 1 Girl
Henal Goddess of beauty and wealth 22 Girl
Henishi Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Hensi Cuteness 1 Girl
Heral Wealthy 8 Girl
Hetanshi Amanda; A Part of Love 3 Girl
Hetarthi Love, Good thinking 8 Girl
Hetika Sunrays 9 Girl
Hetini Sunset 11 Girl
Hetvi Love 1 Girl
Hima Goddess Parvati, Of the snow, Golden, Name for Parvati and Ganga 22 Girl
Himali Ice, Cold like ice, Golden skinned 7 Girl
Hinal Goddess of beauty and wealth 8 Girl
Hiral Lustrous 3 Girl
Hirisha Shining Sun 9 Girl
Hirsha Is associated to Lord Vishnu 9 Girl
Hirva One of the four Vedas, Blessing 4 Girl
Hisha Yea 9 Girl
Hita Who wants good for every one, Lovable 2 Girl
Hitanshi Simplicity and purity 7 Girl
Hitaxi Well Wisher; Friend; Well-wisher 8 Girl
Hiti Love and care 1 Girl
Hitul Well Wisher 7 Girl
Hiya Heart 7 Girl
Honey Sweet 4 Girl
Hridya Heart 11 Girl
Hridyesha Heart 7 Girl
Hrishika The village of birth 11 Girl
Hrishita Joyful; Who Brings Happiness; Deep Knowledge; The Best 11 Girl
Hritika Joy, Of truth, Generous, A small flowing river or stream, Truthful 4 Girl
Hrudai Heart 7 Girl
Hruti Love 4 Girl
Hrutvi Name of An Angel meaning season, Love and saint, Speech 8 Girl
Humaila Golden necklace 11 Girl
Humisha Goddess Saraswati 7 Girl
Hyma Goddess Parvati, Of the snow, Golden, Name for Parvati and Ganga 2 Girl
Hyndhavi Goddess Durga 1 Girl
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