Top 100 Meena Rashi Names - Boys

Total 98 Top 100 Meena Rashi Names - Boys
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Chaital Consciousness 9 Boy
Chaitan Consciousness, Perception, Intelligence, Vigour, Life 11 Boy
Chaitanya Life, Knowledge, Sage, Soul, Intellect, Intelligence 1 Boy
Charish Grace 3 Boy
Charit Dear, History 5 Boy
Charith Dear, History 4 Boy
Charvik Intelligent 9 Boy
Charvk Intelligent 9 Boy
Chetan Intelligence, Perceiption, Sprit of life, Vigour, Life 6 Boy
Chinmoy Blissful 6 Boy
Chintak Thinker 3 Boy
Chintan Thought, Meditation, Contemplation, Mind 6 Boy
Chintav Lamp 5 Boy
Chirag Brilliance, Lamp 1 Boy
Chiranjiv Long-lived, Immortal 4 Boy
Chirayu Immortal, Long-lived person, Blessed with a long life 4 Boy
Chitesh Lord of the soul, Ruler of mind 9 Boy
Chivesh Gods Gift; Good Gift 11 Boy
Daanish To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Intelligence, Consciousness 11 Boy
Daarshik Perceiver 8 Boy
Daarul Suggest meaning 3 Boy
Dabnshu Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Daeven Little black one 6 Boy
Dahak Powerful 7 Boy
Daivansh From gods familiy 6 Boy
Daivya Divine, Heavenly, Wonderful 8 Boy
Daksh Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous talented (A son of Brahma) 7 Boy
Dakshak Able daughter 1 Boy
Dakshesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Daksha, An epithet of Shiva 3 Boy
Danavarsh Rain of Wealth 7 Boy
Danish To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Intelligence, Consciousness 1 Boy
Danush A bow in hand 22 Boy
Darpak Kamdev, God of lovepride, Another name for the Love God Kaama 6 Boy
Darpan mirror 9 Boy
Darsh Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna, When the Moon just becomes visible 5 Boy
Darshak Spectator 8 Boy
Darshal Prayer of God 9 Boy
Darshan Vision, Knowledge, Observation, Doctrine, Philosophy, Perceive or vision or paying respect or religious text 11 Boy
Darsheel Something that looks good and sober, Perfection 9 Boy
Darshik Perceiver 7 Boy
Darshil Something that looks good and sober, Perfection 8 Boy
Darshish Contemplation, Examination 5 Boy
Darshit Display, Signs 7 Boy
Darun Hard male Hindu 22 Boy
Dasan Ruler, every thing 3 Boy
Davin Black one 5 Boy
Dax Who is aware in all thing always 11 Boy
Daxesh Lord Brahma, Ruler of daksa 7 Boy
Deep A lamp, Brilliance, Beautiful, light 3 Boy
Deepak Lampe, Kindle, Brilliance 6 Boy
Deepan Lighting up, Brilliant, Invigorating, Passion, One who lights lamps 9 Boy
Deepesh Lord of light 8 Boy
Dekshit Prepared, Initiated 4 Boy
Deshayan Unknown 5 Boy
Deshik Guru 11 Boy
Dev God, King, light, heavenly, Cloud 4 Boy
Devaansh Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod 11 Boy
Deval Name of a saint, Divine, Holy, Dedicated to the gods 8 Boy
Devamsh Part of God 9 Boy
Devan Like a God, Food offered to the gods, Holy 1 Boy
Devang Divine, Part of God, Like a God 8 Boy
Devansh Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod 1 Boy
Devansha Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod 11 Boy
Devaraju King of God 1 Boy
Devarsh Gods gift 5 Boy
Devendra King of the gods, Lord Indra 1 Boy
Devesh King of the gods, Another name for Indra, God of the gods 9 Boy
Devyam A part of divine 7 Boy
Devyansh Part of God part of the divine light 8 Boy
Dewesh King of the gods, Another name for Indra, God of the gods 1 Boy
Dijesh Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Dikshit Initiated 8 Boy
Dinpal The protector of the helpless, The Sun 11 Boy
Dipesh Lord of light 7 Boy
Dirash Scholar 5 Boy
Dishaan A species of gazelle, A thresher 11 Boy
Dishank Horizon 3 Boy
Dishant Horizon, Sky 3 Boy
Dishanth Horizon, Sky 11 Boy
Divansh Suns particle, Similar to Diwakar - suns Ansh 5 Boy
Divaym Divine, Spiritual, Superhuman, Unique, Pure 11 Boy
Divesh Lord of the gods 4 Boy
Divyang Divine body 1 Boy
Divyank Pant of light 5 Boy
Divyansh Part of the God, Part of the divine light, Gods own divine 3 Boy
Divyant Handsome 5 Boy
Divyesh The Sun 11 Boy
Dreshal Son of Lord 4 Boy
Drishit Signs 6 Boy
Druvam The enduring sound, Heaven, Certainly, Eternally 7 Boy
Druvil Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Durvank Gifted friend 1 Boy
Durvesh Shehnai 7 Boy
Dushyant A king from the epic Mahabharata 4 Boy
Zeehan Brightness, Whiteness, Drought 5 Boy
Zenil Victorious God swaminarayan, Victory of blue 3 Boy
Zenith Computer 1 Boy
Zian Life, Strong 5 Boy
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