Top 100 Meena Rashi Names - Girls

Total 93 Top 100 Meena Rashi Names - Girls
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra, Blessed with a good memory 9 Girl
Chaitra New bright light.aries sign 6 Girl
Chaitravi Born in Month of Chaitra 1 Girl
Chalsia Landing place or port, Seaport. place name 8 Girl
Chandi Great Goddess 3 Girl
Charita Good, One having a very clean character, Warm hearted, Scented wood 6 Girl
Charmi Charming, Lovely 7 Girl
Charul Beautiful 9 Girl
Charula Beautiful 1 Girl
Charvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman 7 Girl
Chaturya Wise, Clever 7 Girl
Chaula A buck, Deer, Name of a well 1 Girl
Cherika The Moon 1 Girl
Chetal Having life, Vitality 22 Girl
Chintal Thoughtfulness 4 Girl
Chintana Meditation, Intelligent or thoughtful, Mind, Contemplation 7 Girl
Chitrakshi Colorful eyes 7 Girl
Chitrali A row of pictures 8 Girl
Dakshata Skill 2 Girl
Dakshina A donation to God or priest, Competent, Talented, With a southern orientation 4 Girl
Dakshita Skill 1 Girl
Danusiya Glow 4 Girl
Danyata Success, Fulfilment, Money and good luck, Thankful, Blessed 3 Girl
Darshana Paying respect, Vision, Knowledge, Observation, Doctrine, Philosophy 3 Girl
Darshani The one who blessed, Beautiful, Another name for Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Darshi Blessings, Lord Krishna, Moonlight 5 Girl
Darshika Perceiver 8 Girl
Darshini The one who blessed, Beautiful, Another name for Goddess Durga 1 Girl
Darshita Sight, Shown 8 Girl
Darshna Pray to God 11 Girl
Daxita Expert 5 Girl
Deena Divine, Grand, Vindicated 2 Girl
Deenal Sweet girl, Variant of donald great chief 5 Girl
Deepali Collection of lamps, Row of lamps 7 Girl
Deepika A small lamp, Light 6 Girl
Deepshikha Flame, Lamp 5 Girl
Deepta Goddess Lakshmi, Name of several plants with bright red flowers, Shining 6 Girl
Deesha Direction 6 Girl
Deeshna Offering, Gift 11 Girl
Deetya Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi 6 Girl
Devaarti Aarti of God 8 Girl
Devani Shining, Goddess 1 Girl
Devanshi Divine, Part of God 1 Girl
Deveshi Chief among the Goddess, Goddess Durga 9 Girl
Devina Blessing, Eye of God, Resembling a Goddess, Blessing 1 Girl
Devishi Chief among the Goddess, Goddess Durga 4 Girl
Dikshya Initiation 5 Girl
Dimpal A small indication one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles 1 Girl
Dimpi Determined and stubborn 6 Girl
Dimpil Dimples 9 Girl
Dinal Sweet girl, Variant of donald great chief 22 Girl
Dinisha God of wine 1 Girl
Dipal Light, Charm full girl 6 Girl
Diptee Flame or luster or glow or shine, Brightness 5 Girl
Dipti Flame or luster or glow or shine, Brightness, Brilliance, Beauty 4 Girl
Disha Direction 5 Girl
Dishani Queen of all four directions - east, West, North, South 1 Girl
Dishari Who shows way 5 Girl
Dishita Focused, Once who knows direction 7 Girl
Dishti Always Happy, Command, Direction, Destiny, An auspicious event, Happiness 6 Girl
Ditvi Divine good 1 Girl
Dityaa Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi 6 Girl
Diva Gift of God, Powerful women, Through heaven, Daytime 9 Girl
Divashini Shine among the day and all 5 Girl
Divena Blessing, Eye of God, Resembling a Goddess, Blessing 1 Girl
Divija Born in heaven, Divine 1 Girl
Divita Divine power 11 Girl
Divya Divine luster, Charming, Beautiful, Divine 7 Girl
Divyakshi Divine eyes 9 Girl
Divyana Divine 4 Girl
Divyansha Divine 4 Girl
Divyanshi Part of a divine power 3 Girl
Diya Lamp (Celebrity Name: Tamil superstar Surya) 3 Girl
Diyu Lamp 5 Girl
Dolly Like doll 5 Girl
Doyel A singing bird 7 Girl
Drishy Sight 11 Girl
Drishya Sight 3 Girl
Drisna Daughter of the Sun (Daughter of the Sun) 11 Girl
Dristi Eye sight 7 Girl
Driti Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue 6 Girl
Dwija As a Goddess Lakshmi 2 Girl
Dwisha Direction 1 Girl
Dwiti Dual, Second 11 Girl
Zaara In flower, Bright as the dawn, Brilliance, Blossoming flower 2 Girl
Zanisha Dispeller of ignorance, Ruler of humans 6 Girl
Zankar Melodious voice 8 Girl
Zankhana Deep desire 4 Girl
Zaral Easy, Nobleman 22 Girl
Zarna A small stream of sweet water 6 Girl
Zeel Silent lake, Jharna 3 Girl
Zena Ornament, Something beautiful, A hospitable woman 1 Girl
Zenshi Suggest meaning 9 Girl
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