Top 100 Mesha Rashi Names - Girls

Total 96 Top 100 Mesha Rashi Names - Girls
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aadita First, Original, From the beginning 9 Girl
Aaditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi 8 Girl
Aakruti Shape, Structure 9 Girl
Aanya Inexhaustible, Limitless, Resurrection 6 Girl
Aaradhana Worship, Adoration 4 Girl
Aarashi First Ray of the Sun, Heavenly, Rice, Queen 3 Girl
Aaravi Peace 7 Girl
Aarohi A music tune, Progressive, Evolving 7 Girl
Aarvi Peace 6 Girl
Aarya  Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati 1 Girl
Aashika One without sorrow, Mercury, Sweet heart, Beloved 5 Girl
Aashima Limitless, Protector, Defendant, Central 7 Girl
Aashna Beloved, Devoted to Love, Friend, The one to be acknowledged or praised 8 Girl
Aashrita Somebody who gives shelter, Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Aashvi Blessed and victorious, Little mare 6 Girl
Aasmi I am, Self-confident 7 Girl
Aastha Faith, Hope, Regard, Support 5 Girl
Aasya One who tends to the weak and heals, Hopeful 11 Girl
Abhilasha Desire, Wish, Affection 7 Girl
Abinaya Abinaya means expressions 8 Girl
Achala Constant, The earth 8 Girl
Adishree Exalted 6 Girl
Aditi Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance 7 Girl
Adriti Goddess Durga, Ray 7 Girl
Advika World, Earth, Unique 3 Girl
Aesha Love, Living, Prosperous, Life 7 Girl
Agamya Knowledge, Wisdom 3 Girl
Ahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun 7 Girl
Aishi Gods gift, Belonging to Shiva 1 Girl
Aishna Desire, Wish 7 Girl
Aishwarya Wealth, Success, Fame 6 Girl
Akanksha Desire, Wish 3 Girl
Akansha Wish, Desire 1 Girl
Akhila Complete 6 Girl
Akriti Shape, Form, Figure, Appearance 5 Girl
Akshika One with good eyes 6 Girl
Akshya Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible, Goddess Parvati 2 Girl
Amaanya Unknown 2 Girl
Amaya Night rain, Immeasurable, Without limit 5 Girl
Ami Nectar 5 Girl
Amika Friendly 8 Girl
Amisha Beautiful, Without decept, Pure, Truthful, Guileless 6 Girl
Amrita Immortality, Priceless 8 Girl
Anamika Ring finger, Virtuous, Free of the limitations imposed by a name 5 Girl
Anandi The one who is always Happy 7 Girl
Ananya Goddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, Different from others, Charming 2 Girl
Anasuya Without spite or envy, Learned woman, Full of goodwill, Not resentful 1 Girl
Anavi Peace Loving; Kind to People; First Ray of Sun; Goddess Durga; Good Looking Eyes 2 Girl
Anchal Shelter, The decorative end of a sari 3 Girl
Aneeksha Bringing happiness 1 Girl
Anisha Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous, Without darkness, Light, Unceasing, Generous, Loyal, Close 7 Girl
Anishka Who has friends, No enemies, One who has only friends 9 Girl
Anita Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace, Simple, Artless, Leader 9 Girl
Aniya Creative 5 Girl
Anjali Homage, Offring with both hands, One who joins both hands together in prayer, Respectful 2 Girl
Anjini Mother of Lord Hanuman, Illusion (Maya), Hotness, Blessed (Mother of Hanuman) 3 Girl
Anju One who lives in heart, Beloved 1 Girl
Ankita Conquered, A signet, Symbol, With auspicious marks, Distinguished, Marked out 2 Girl
Anoushka Favor, Grace 9 Girl
Anshika Minute particle, Beautiful 9 Girl
Anshula Radiant, Brilliant, Sunnuy 22 Girl
Antara The second note in hindustani classical music, Para of a song, Beauty 1 Girl
Anupama Incomparable, Precious, Unique 22 Girl
Anushka A term of endearment, Grace, God has shown favour, Russian 3 Girl
Anya Inexhaustible, Limitless, resurrection 5 Girl
Aparna Goddess Parvati, Leafless, One who lives without eating even leaves, Name of Durga's or parvatee 6 Girl
Archana Worship, Respected 1 Girl
Archi Ray of light 3 Girl
Archita One who is worshipped 6 Girl
Arina Holy one, Peace 7 Girl
Arnaja Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Arohi A music tune, Progressive, Evolving 6 Girl
Aroushi Dawn, Red Sky in the early morning, First rays of the Sun, Flame, Bright, Life giving 1 Girl
Arpita Dedicate, Presenting, Offered 11 Girl
Arushi Dawn, Red Sky in the early morning, First rays of the Sun, Flame, Bright, Life giving 4 Girl
Arvika Universal 8 Girl
Aryaa Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati 1 Girl
Ashima Limitless, Protector, Infinite, Boundless 6 Girl
Ashmita Pride, Self-respect, Nature 8 Girl
Ashvi Blessed and victorious, Little mare 5 Girl
Asin Beauty 7 Girl
Asvika A little mare 9 Girl
Avantika Ancient malwa, Ujjain, Infinite, Humble, Modest, The sacred city of ujjain 7 Girl
Avasti An ancient Indian city 9 Girl
Ayanti Fortunate 7 Girl
Eeshani Consort of Lord shiva., Close to God, Name of Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati, Ruling, Owning (Wife of Lord Shiva) 7 Girl
Eeshika An arrow, Dart, One who achieves, Paint brush, Daughter of God 4 Girl
Eisha Desire, Attractive 6 Girl
Ekta Unity, Harmony 1 Girl
Eshana Want, Wish, Desire, Aim, Impulse 3 Girl
Eshita One who desires, Desired, One who seeks, Desirous 8 Girl
Evanshi Similarity 6 Girl
Ikshita Visible, Beheld 5 Girl
Isha Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior, Another name for Lord Vishnu 1 Girl
Ishika An arrow, Dart, One who achieves, Paint brush, Daughter of God 3 Girl
Lina A devoted one, Tender, Woman of magdala, To be present in latent, United 9 Girl
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