Top 100 Tula Rashi Names - Boys

Total 97 Top 100 Tula Rashi Names - Boys
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Rachit Invention 5 Boy
Radhesh A name of Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Rahal Means attachment. derived from rahula the son of Buddha 22 Boy
Rahas Secret 2 Boy
Rahi Traveler 9 Boy
Rahul Son of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son of Lord Buddha) 6 Boy
Raj King 11 Boy
Rajdeep Best of kings 5 Boy
Rajit Decorated, An object that gives light, And never stops doing so 22 Boy
Rajus Morning 6 Boy
Rakshit Guarded, Secure, Saved 5 Boy
Ranbir Winner in war, The brave warrior 8 Boy
Ranesh Lord Shiva, The Lord of battle 11 Boy
Ransh Aparajit, Another name of Ram 6 Boy
Ranvir Hero of the battle, Winner 1 Boy
Rasesh Lord Krishna, Lord of Joy 7 Boy
Rashesh Lord Krishna, Lord of Joy 6 Boy
Rashmil Silken 8 Boy
Rashul Lord Shiva, Messenger of God, Prophet, Angel 7 Boy
Ravi Delighted, Satisfied, Hope, Expectation, Wish, The Sun, Expert or skilled, Fire 5 Boy
Raviraj The Sun 7 Boy
Ravit The Sun, Fire 7 Boy
Rehaan Fragrant one, Sweet scented, King, Star 11 Boy
Rehansh Ansh part of Lord Vishnu 1 Boy
Renesh Lord of Love 6 Boy
Renil King of Kingdom Child 4 Boy
Reshav Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Revan Horse rider, A star 6 Boy
Reyaan Fame 1 Boy
Reyansh First Ray of sunlight, Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 9 Boy
Ridesh Heart, Lord Ganesh 9 Boy
Rijish Bhagavath Prasad 1 Boy
Rikin Powerful, Glory 7 Boy
Rishabh Morality, Superior, Excellent, A musical note, Bull 11 Boy
Rishant One who Never Give Up; Cheerful 8 Boy
Rishav Morality, Superior, Excellent, A musical note, Bull 5 Boy
Rishit The best, Learned 11 Boy
Rishov Second member of Saptak i.e. Saat Sur 1 Boy
Ritvik Priest, Timely 8 Boy
Rivan Horse rider, A star 1 Boy
Riyansh First Ray of sunlight, Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 4 Boy
Robin Fame, Bright, Ascending, Another name for Vishnu 4 Boy
Rohak Rising, Ascending 8 Boy
Rohan A river in paradise, Ascending, Blossom, Another name for Vishnu, Finest Indian steel, Rising 11 Boy
Rohant Ascending 4 Boy
Rohil Armored battle maiden 8 Boy
Rohinish The Moon 1 Boy
Rohit Red, The Sun, Jewellery, A rainbow, Blood 7 Boy
Romik Magnet, Salt 3 Boy
Romil Full of Love; Cheerful 4 Boy
Rubin Bright 1 Boy
Ruchit Bright, Shining, Pleasant, Brilliant, Happy 7 Boy
Rudraksh Fierce eyed, Auspicious, Fruit dried and used for making rosaries 1 Boy
Rudram Lucky 3 Boy
Rudresh Fearful Lord 3 Boy
Ruhan Kind hearted, Spiritual 8 Boy
Rujul Simple, Honest 1 Boy
Runal Companionate person, Kind 3 Boy
Rushaal Higher then charming 8 Boy
Rushabh A musical note, Superior, Morality, Bull, Excellent 5 Boy
Rushang Son of saint 7 Boy
Rushank Lord Shiva, Charming enlightment 11 Boy
Rushant Moon 11 Boy
Rushik Son of saint, Lord of the earth 5 Boy
Rushil Charming, Polite, Aimable 6 Boy
Rushit Prosperity 5 Boy
Rushmil Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Rutansh Truth 11 Boy
Rutesh Kind of seasons 1 Boy
Rutujit Conqueror of seasons 11 Boy
Rutvij Guru 1 Boy
Rutvik Saint, Name of Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Taksha King bharats son, Eyes like a Pigeon, Chopping, To make from wood 6 Boy
Taksheel Someone with a strong character 9 Boy
Tamish God of darkness (Moon) 7 Boy
Tanav Flute, Attractive, Slender 4 Boy
Tanay Son 7 Boy
Taneesh Ambition 9 Boy
Tanish Ambition 8 Boy
Tanmay Engrossed 2 Boy
Tanuj Son 3 Boy
Tanul To expand, To progress 5 Boy
Tapan The Sun, Summer, Brilliant, Fiery 7 Boy
Tapas Heat, Penance, Fervour, Fire, Worth, Austerity, Meditation worth, Bird, The Sun the Moon, Another name for Agni 3 Boy
Tapesh The holy Trinity 6 Boy
Taraksh Star eyed, Mountain 6 Boy
Tarang Wave 7 Boy
Tarank Saviors 2 Boy
Taresh God of the stars Moon 8 Boy
Tarik Method, Way, Mode, Manner, One who crosses the river of life, Morning star 5 Boy
Tarpan Refreshing, Delightful, Satisfying 7 Boy
Tarun Connection, Young, Youth, Ageless, Gentle 2 Boy
Tarush Conqueror, Small plant, Victor 6 Boy
Tatya Fact, Truth, Lord Shiva 4 Boy
Tavish Heaven, Strong, Brave, Vigorous, Ocean, Gold ocean 7 Boy
Tejus Radiant energy, Brilliance 3 Boy
Tikesh Sweet; Lovable; Decent 9 Boy
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