Top 100 Vruschika Rashi Names - Boys

Total 99 Top 100 Vruschika Rashi Names - Boys
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Nabhij Lord Brahma, Born from the navel 8 Boy
Nachik A short form of Nachiketa 1 Boy
Nachiket Son of vajashravas (Son of vajashravas) 8 Boy
Nadish God of river, Ocean, Hope, Lord of water 1 Boy
Nahul Powerful 2 Boy
Naimish Inside viewer, Wink, Transient 1 Boy
Nainesh Gods Third Eye; Relax Eyes; Relate to Eye 7 Boy
Naishal Parvat 1 Boy
Naitik Good in nature 1 Boy
Naksh The Moon, Feature 8 Boy
Nakul Name of one of the Pandavas, Son, A musical instrument, The fourth Pandava Prince from the Mahabharata, Mongoose, Another name for Shiva 5 Boy
Naman Salutation, Bowing, To pay homage 7 Boy
Namit Bowed down, Modest, To bow in a humble greeting, Worshipper 3 Boy
Narendra Leader of all human beings, King of men, The king 3 Boy
Naresh Lord of Man 11 Boy
Natesh Lord Shiva, Lord of natas dancers 22 Boy
Navil Noble, Generous, Peacock 22 Boy
Navish Lord Shiva, Poison less, Sweet 1 Boy
Navnit Fresh butter, One who takes pleasure in new joys 8 Boy
Nayan Eye, Directing, Community, Decorum 1 Boy
Neehal New, Rainy, Handsome, Gratified, Happy, Successful, Satisfied, Sapling 9 Boy
Neehant Never ending, Boy 4 Boy
Neehar Mist, Fog, Dew 6 Boy
Neel Champion, Blue, Treasure, A mountain, Indigo, Sapphire 9 Boy
Neelabh Object in the Sky cloud, Moon 11 Boy
Neelesh Lord Krishna, Moon 5 Boy
Neesh By the ash tree, An adventurer 6 Boy
Neeshik New 8 Boy
Neeshlin Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Nelvin Suggest meaning 4 Boy
Nevaan Holy 3 Boy
Niam Contribution of God 1 Boy
Nibhish Lord Ganesha 6 Boy
Nideesh Giver of wealth & treasures, Kuber 1 Boy
Nidesh Giver of wealth & treasures, Kuber 5 Boy
Nihal New, Rainy, Handsome, Gratified, Happy, Successful, Satisfied, Sapling 8 Boy
Nihar Mist, Fog, Dew 5 Boy
Nihit God gift, Inherent, Inscribed into something, Within something 6 Boy
Nijay Victor 5 Boy
Niket Home, Lord of all, Residence 5 Boy
Niketan House, Mansion, Don of rulers 11 Boy
Nikhil Whole, Perfect, Complete, Entire 9 Boy
Nikhilesh Lord of all 5 Boy
Nikhit Sharp, Earth, Ganges 8 Boy
Nikunj A bower 7 Boy
Nimesh Inside viewer, Spilt second, Transient, Another name for Vishnu 5 Boy
Nimish Inside viewer, Spilt second, Transient, Another name for Vishnu 9 Boy
Niraj Lotus flower, Pure, Free from attachment 7 Boy
Nirajit Illuminated 9 Boy
Nirav Quiet, Calm, Without sound, Silent 1 Boy
Nirbhay Fearless 5 Boy
Nirmal Pure, Brilliant, Clean 4 Boy
Nirmesh Lord of the night 5 Boy
Nirup God 6 Boy
Nirvan Liberation, Salvation 6 Boy
Nirvash Land of bliss 1 Boy
Nisanth Raising The Sun 4 Boy
Nisarg Nature 5 Boy
Nischal Calm, Unmovable, Unshakable, Steady 3 Boy
Nischay Decision, Confirmed 7 Boy
Nischit Certain or for sure, Fixed, Truthful, Genuine, Firm 1 Boy
Nish By the ash tree, An adventurer 5 Boy
Nishaan Mark 3 Boy
Nishal No end 9 Boy
Nisham Fresh air, Cool 1 Boy
Nishan Mark 11 Boy
Nishanath The Moon, Dawn, Peace, Pleasant early morning, Daybreak, The end of night 4 Boy
Nishant The Moon, Dawn, Peace, Pleasant early morning, Daybreak, The end of night 4 Boy
Nishar Nature, Warm cloth, Victorious 6 Boy
Nishchay Decision, Confirmed 6 Boy
Nishesh Entire, Perfect, The Moon, Complete 1 Boy
Nishil Night 8 Boy
Nishit Midnight, Night, Sharp, Invigorated, Prepared, Iron, Steel 7 Boy
Nishkarsh Result 8 Boy
Nitesh God of law, One well versed in law, Follower of the correct way, Master of the right path 3 Boy
Nitin Master of the law, Master of the right path, Principle, Judge 3 Boy
Nityam Constant 1 Boy
Nityansh Suggest meaning 11 Boy
Nivaan Holy, Bound, Limited 7 Boy
Nivash Home 1 Boy
Yagnesh Religious leader 7 Boy
Yagnik A Person who Performs Yagna / Pooja; Age of Nation 4 Boy
Yajnesh Lord Vishnu, Lord of worship or of sacrifice, Epithet of Vishnu, Epithet of Sun 1 Boy
Yajurva One of the Four Vedas; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Yaksh Representative of God, A type of a demi God, Protecter of forests, Speedy 1 Boy
Yakshit Who is made forever, Permanent, God 3 Boy
Yash Victory, Glory, Success, Celebrity, Reputation 8 Boy
Yashas Fame, Attractiveness, Brilliance, Virtue 1 Boy
Yashawant Always famous 4 Boy
Yashesh Fame 4 Boy
Yashit Person who brings fame, Famous or glorious 1 Boy
Yashu Peace, Calm 2 Boy
Yatesh Lord of devotees 6 Boy
Yatharth Proper, Possibility 11 Boy
Yatin Ascetic, Devotee 6 Boy
Yatish Leader of the devoted, Lord of devotees 1 Boy
Yekshit Finisher 7 Boy
Yogi Devotee, Ascetic, Meditative, Religious, A Buddha, Another name for Vishnu and Shiva 11 Boy
Yugant Ever lasting 7 Boy
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