Top 100 Vruschika Rashi Names - Girls

Total 97 Top 100 Vruschika Rashi Names - Girls
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Naavya Worth praising, Young, Praiseworthy 1 Girl
Naima Blessing, Living An enjoyable life, Belonging to one 2 Girl
Naina Name of a Goddess, Beautiful eyed 3 Girl
Nainika Pupil of the eye 5 Girl
Nainshi Beautiful Like Eyes 11 Girl
Nairiti Apsara 8 Girl
Naisha Special, Lovely flower 7 Girl
Naishi Jewel; Rose 6 Girl
Nalini Lotus, Pond of lotuses, Flower, The stalk of the water Lily, Beautiful, Fragrant the stalk of the water Lily 5 Girl
Namisha Giving pleasure 11 Girl
Namita Humble, Jackal or hyena, Bowing, Worshipper 22 Girl
Namrata Modesty 5 Girl
Nandita Happy, Pleasing, Delighted 9 Girl
Natali Princess 3 Girl
Natasha Child of christmas, Born on christmas 1 Girl
Navanya Beautiful 6 Girl
Naveshni Suggest meaning 11 Girl
Nayana Name of a Goddess, Beautiful eyed, The pupil of the eye 2 Girl
Nayani Dow eyed 1 Girl
Nayasa Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Neeja Lily; A Flower 8 Girl
Neelakshi Blue eyed 3 Girl
Neelima A beauty by its blue reflection, Blue complexioned 5 Girl
Neepa Name of a flower, One who watches over 5 Girl
Neerali Unique and different from all 1 Girl
Neesha Night, Women, Dream 7 Girl
Neeshika Honest, Night, Gold, Pure 9 Girl
Neeta Well-behaved, Guided, Modest, Moral, Carried, Red, Morality 9 Girl
Neetal There is no ending. ne-no tal-ending, The forehead 3 Girl
Neetu Beautiful 2 Girl
Neha Dew drop, Admired for look, Love, Rain, Bright one, Naughty one, Affectionate 1 Girl
Nehal New, Rainy, Handsome, Gratified 22 Girl
Neharika Dew drops, Bunches of star, Nebula 4 Girl
Neisha Special, Lovely flower 11 Girl
Neity Little gift, End less 1 Girl
Nemisha Momentary, Twinkling of eye 6 Girl
Nemishta Sweet, Satisfies 8 Girl
Neysa Intelligent 1 Girl
Nicika Perfect 11 Girl
Nidhi Brilliant, To bestow, Treasure, Wealth 8 Girl
Nidhima Treasure or wealth 4 Girl
Nihali Passing clouds 8 Girl
Nikhila Complete 1 Girl
Nikita Earth, Victorious, Unconquerable 1 Girl
Nilakshi Blue eyed 11 Girl
Nilam Sapphire, Blue stone, Precious stone 22 Girl
Nilani The Moon 5 Girl
Nilashri Blue beauty 9 Girl
Nileen Surrendered 5 Girl
Nilini Perpetuator of the Kuru race 4 Girl
Niloufer A celestial 1 Girl
Nimisha Momentary, Twinkling of eye 1 Girl
Nimita Fixed, Determined 3 Girl
Nimrit Already decided by God) 11 Girl
Ninarika Misty 5 Girl
Nirali Unique and different from all 9 Girl
Niralika Different 3 Girl
Niranjana Aarti, Name of a river, Goddess Durga, The night of the full Moon 1 Girl
Nireesha Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Nireksha Suggest meaning 4 Girl
Nirjala A type of fast without water 11 Girl
Nirmala Clean, Virtuous, Pure 5 Girl
Nirmayi Pure, Clean, Spotless, Without blemish 8 Girl
Nirosha Goddess Lakshmi, Without anger 3 Girl
Nirupa A decree, Command 7 Girl
Nirupama Unique, Incomparable, Fearless 3 Girl
Nirvana Deep silence, Ultimate bliss, Liberated, Salvation 7 Girl
Nisha Night, Women, Dream 6 Girl
Nishali Different Style 9 Girl
Nishika Honest, Night 8 Girl
Nishira Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Nishka Honest, Night, Gold, Pure 8 Girl
Nishna Bliss 11 Girl
Nishu From the word of Nishkarsh 8 Girl
Nitisha Ardhanareeshwar, Goddess of justice, Name of a Goddess 8 Girl
Nivanshi Cute little baby that will be sweet 6 Girl
Nivasini Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Nivedita One dedicated to service, A girl with intelligence 3 Girl
Nivita Creative 3 Girl
Niyati Necessity, Restriction, The fixed order of things, Destiny, Fate 6 Girl
Nomshi Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Noshika Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Nrity Apsara, Dance 5 Girl
Nupur Payal, Anklet 9 Girl
Nyshita Very dedicated, Sharp, Alert, Fast 6 Girl
Yadavi Goddess Durga 8 Girl
Yajna Worship 6 Girl
Yakshita Wonder girl 4 Girl
Yamini Night or nocturnal 8 Girl
Yasi Famous, Successful 9 Girl
Yogita Enchanted, Bewitched 5 Girl
Yosana Girl, Young 3 Girl
Yuti Union 3 Girl
Yutika Multitude, Flower 6 Girl
Yuvasri Youth 7 Girl
Yuvika Young woman, Maid, Young, Girl, Further resources 8 Girl
Yuvrani Young queen, Princess 11 Girl
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