Top 100 Muslim Boy Names - 2013

Total 98 Top 100 Muslim Boy Names - 2013
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aafreen Encouragement, Praise, Blessing 5 Boy
Aamir Ruler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous 6 Boy
Aarif Acquainted, Knowledgeable 8 Girl
Adam A prophets name, Black 1 Boy
Adnan Lion, Bravery 7 Boy
Adyan Name of a prophet, A nabee 9 Boy
Afzal Most excellent 1 Boy
Aleem Knowledge person, Wise, Scholarly, Omniscient, Learned 9 Boy
Amaan Peace 3 Boy
Ameen Faithful, Trustworthy, Honest 2 Boy
Arhaan Ruler, Tirthankara, Worship, Homage, Respect, Revered 7 Boy
Armaan Hope or desire, Army Man, Wish 3 Boy
Asfa Tanned Sun burned 9 Unisex
Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God (Celebrity Name: Emraan Hashmi) 6 Boy
Azaan Call for the prayer 7 Boy
Azeem Famous, On the top, Heights, Greatest 5 Boy
Bashir Vision, Propitious, Auspicious, Prudent, Bringer of glad tidings 3 Boy
Basim Smiling, Happy 8 Boy
Danish To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Intelligence, Consciousness 1 Boy
Daniyal Intelligent 3 Boy
Ehan Expected 1 Boy
Ejaz Miracle, Wondrous nature 6 Boy
Faeem Famed 3 Boy
Fahim Intelligent, Beautiful 1 Boy
Faraan Happy, Advances 5 Boy
Farhad Happiness 11 Boy
Farzan Wise 3 Boy
Fawad Heart 8 Boy
Fayaaz Kind, Gracious, Extremely generous 6 Boy
Faysal Decisive 1 Boy
Hafiz Protector, One who has memorized the Quran 5 Boy
Haleef Ally, Confederate 1 Boy
Hameem Friend, Close friend 9 Boy
Hanif Upright, True, True believer 11 Boy
Hazim Firm, Resolute, Energetic 3 Boy
Iham Expected, Thin, Desire 22 Boy
Iman Faith, Belief, Faith in Allah 1 Boy
Irfan Knowledgeable, Thankfulness 3 Boy
Isaam Protector, Safeguard 7 Boy
Izaan Obedience 6 Boy
Izhar Submission 8 Boy
Jaah Respect, Rank 11 Boy
Jahaan The world 8 Boy
Jahid Abstemious, Ascetic, Saintly, Diligent, Hardworking 5 Boy
Jasmir Strong 7 Boy
Jazi To take revenge 1 Boy
Jidan Abundance 2 Boy
Juyal Quarrdsome 6 Boy
Kabir Indian saint in 1440, Great, Famous sufi saint, Noble 5 Boy
Kadin Little battle, Companion 3 Boy
Karam Generosity, Action, Destiny, Code, Duty 8 Unisex
Kiyan Kings, Royal 6 Boy
Lahan Little bright headed one 9 Boy
Mazid Increase, Excess, More 8 Boy
Miran Princely, Princes 1 Boy
Mohsin Helpful, Beneficent, Charitable 6 Boy
Moin Fountain, Spring 6 Boy
Nadim Friendly, Entertaining, Friend or companion 5 Boy
Nafees Pureness, Pure, Precious 5 Boy
Namir Pure, Leopard, Tiger, Panther 1 Boy
Naseef Just 5 Boy
Nasir Helper of God, One who helps, Assister, Friend, One who scatters, Exposer, Announcer, Protector, Supporter 7 Boy
Nazih Pure, Chaste 4 Boy
Nehan Beautiful 6 Boy
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah 3 Boy
Omar Elevated, An Era, Long-lived 2 Boy
Owais A companion of the prophet (Saw) 22 Boy
Qadim Ancient 8 Boy
Raahil One who shows the way, Ewe, Traveler, Path guider 4 Boy
Rabah Gainer 3 Boy
Razan Sensibility and respect, Calm 6 Unisex
Rehan Fragrant one, Sweet scented, King, Star 1 Boy
Rihaan Gods chosen one, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies 6 Boy
Sabil Path, Way 7 Boy
Sadin Independent, Fawn, Young deer 2 Boy
Sahim Partner 5 Boy
Shoaib Who shows the right path, Shoaib was a prophet of Islam 9 Boy
Soham The presence of divinity of each soul, I am him . every soul has a presence of God in it.god is within 2 Boy
Sohil Beautiful 9 Boy
Suha Name of a star, Celebration, A musical Raag 4 Girl
Suhaan Very good, Pleasant, Beautiful 1 Boy
Taahid To console, To guard 7 Boy
Tanvir Enlightened, Rays of light 3 Boy
Taslim Greeting, Salutation, Little star 2 Boy
Turhan Of mercy 1 Boy
Ubaid Worshipper, Faithful 1 Boy
Umer Life name of the second caliph 3 Boy
Uzair Precious, Name of a prophet 3 Boy
Wahid Single, Exclusively, Unequalled, Unique, One of its kind, Peerless 9 Boy
Wajid Finder, Lover, Loving 2 Boy
Yasir Wealthy, Lives forever 9 Boy
Zaahir Bright, Shining, Sparkling, Luminous, Visible, Distinct 9 Boy
Zaidan Growth and increase 1 Boy
Zakir Rememberer of Allah, Intelligent 11 Boy
Zamir Character of a person, Heart, Mind, Conscience 4 Boy
Zayan Bright and graceful, Wild Jasmine, Honey 22 Boy
Zishan Person who Stay with style, Peaceful 5 Boy
Zohaib Ocean of knowledge 7 Boy
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