Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

Total 128 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 11
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aarathana Soft and beautiful 11 Girl
Abhiri A Raagini of Indian music 11 Girl
Abhishri To enlighten, Brilliant, Powerful, Surrounded by glory, Shining 11 Girl
Adhvika World, Earth, Unique 11 Girl
Advitha Union of matter and soul, Non duality, Unique 11 Girl
Adwitiya Unique, Matchless 11 Girl
Aparoopa Extremely beautiful 11 Girl
Aradhan Worship, Prayer, Pooja 11 Girl
Aradhna Worship 11 Girl
Arnima First Ray of The Sun 11 Girl
Atiqah Old ancient, Beautiful, Charitable, Loving 11 Girl
Bahiyaa Nice, Beautiful, Radiant 11 Girl
Bahiyah Beautiful, Radiant 11 Girl
Baijayanti Garland of Lord Vishnu 11 Girl
Bela Sacred wood apple tree, Time, Creeper, A vine, The Jasmine creeper 11 Girl
Bhamini Brilliant, Beautiful, Passionate, Woman 11 Girl
Bhavini Emotional, The beautiful woman eminent, Emotional, Caring, Noble, Beautiful 11 Girl
Brindha Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha, Popular, Accompanied by many, The holy Tulsi plant 11 Girl
Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body 11 Girl
Chakshani Good looking, Brilliant 11 Girl
Charusheela The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel 11 Girl
Charusila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel 11 Girl
Chitkala Knowledge 11 Girl
Devakali Name of a Indian music Raagini 11 Girl
Dhanashree Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, A Raaga in hindustani classical music 11 Girl
Draupadi Daughter of the king Drupada, Consort of Pandavas (Wife of five Pandavas; daughter of Drupad, king of Panchala.) 11 Girl
Drumi A tree 11 Girl
Elili Beautiful 11 Girl
Erina Beautiful lady 11 Girl
Faridah Unique, Precious gem 11 Girl
Femida Wise 11 Girl
Gaja Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi as graceful as An elephant 11 Girl
Ghadah Beautiful 11 Girl
Ghaydaa Young and delicate, Soft 11 Girl
Ghazala Gazelle, A young deer 11 Girl
Gul Chehra Beautiful like flower 11 Girl
Gurisha Wish of Guru 11 Girl
Gurpreet Love of Guru, Gurus Love 11 Girl
Gyanleen One absorbed in divine light and knowledge 11 Girl
Ilavalagi Young and beautiful 11 Girl
Jaanvhi The river Ganga 11 Girl
Jahanvi Moon light, Ganga river (Daughter of Jahnu) 11 Girl
Jahnavi River Ganga (Daughter of Jahnu) 11 Girl
Jamala Beautiful, Pretty, Moon-faced 11 Girl
Jamilah Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely 11 Girl
Janhavi Ganga the river 11 Girl
Jhanavi Ganga the river 11 Girl
Kaalaratri Goddess who is black like night 11 Girl
Kaanchi Brilliant, A pilgrimage centre in south india, A waistband 11 Girl
Kalini Flower, Full of blossoms and bloom, Another name for the river Yamuna 11 Girl
Kanshika Indian king 11 Girl
Kanta Beautiful, Ever-radiant 11 Girl
Keshvi Goddess Radha, Long beautiful hair 11 Girl
Larifa Beautiful and intelligent girl 11 Girl
Lohita Red, Ruby, Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron, Saffron, Copper 11 Girl
Madhavilata A flowering creeper 11 Girl
Mahneera First born of a pair 11 Girl
Maneeshi Wise, A learned person, Knowledgeable person, Desired 11 Girl
Manjiri Small flower of common Basil, Holy Basil in india Indian Goddess of romance i.e.. Consort of Madan God of romance 11 Girl
Manroop Beautiful mind 11 Girl
Meghavi Cloud 11 Girl
Mehmuda Beautiful garden in medinah 11 Girl
Mishall A light, Beautiful, Pretty 11 Girl
Mohanam Beautiful, Good looking 11 Girl
Muznah The cloud that carries the rain 11 Girl
Naheeda Beautiful 11 Girl
Naishadha King Nala, A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha, A open, Pertaining to Nishadha, An epic poem 11 Girl
Nandini A holy cow, Bestowed of Joy, In Hindu mythology, The name refers to Goddess Ganga and Goddess durga.nandini also means adhishakti, Daughter, Happy, Pleasing 11 Girl
Nasheed Beautiful one 11 Girl
Navyasree Young or worth praising 11 Girl
Naylila Brilliant eyes 11 Girl
Neeshad Cheerful, Seventh note on Indian musical scale, Awesome 11 Girl
Netravati Beautiful eyed 11 Girl
Pal King, Guardian, Moment 11 Girl
Parushi The beautiful and intelligent 11 Girl
Payoshnika The Ganga river 11 Girl
Prakrithi Nature, Beautiful, Weather 11 Girl
Qirat Beautiful recitation 11 Girl
Raadhani Worship 11 Girl
Rajshri Sage like king 11 Girl
Ramani Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman, Pretty, Affectionate, Pleasant, Happy 11 Girl
Ravipriya Red lotus flower 11 Girl
Rehana Sweet Basil, Sweet smelling plant 11 Girl
Rhianna Maiden, Young, Queen 11 Girl
Roohi A music tune, Soul, A flower, Who touches the heart 11 Girl
Roopashri Beautiful 11 Girl
Ruhi A music tune, Soul, A flower, Who touches the heart 11 Girl
Rukhshana Beautiful, Bright, Brilliant, Shining 11 Girl
Rupashi Beautiful, Beautiful lady 11 Girl
Rupashri Beautiful 11 Girl
Rupsha Beautiful, River in bangladesh, Alternatively, Impeccable beauty 11 Girl
Seva Worship 11 Girl
Sharadini Autumn 11 Girl
Shazneen The most beautiful flower 11 Girl
Shellah Truly, Kind person, Beautiful 11 Girl
Shobika Beautiful & brilliant 11 Girl
Shoni Preety women, Lovable, With golden beauty, One of complexion of red lotus 11 Girl
Shrena Goddess Lakshmi, Foremost, Best, First, Night 11 Girl
Sohini Beautiful & pleasant 11 Girl
Sohni Beautiful 11 Girl
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